An advanced option for intensive users. Equipped with higher potential for a maximum protection.

A perfect match for most users. Thoughtfully engineered to target specific eye concerns for people in the digital age.

  • Scratch
  • Harmful Blue Light
    Blocking Ability
  • For intensive digital
    devices users and gamers

Harmful Blue Light Blocking Ability

According to the ocular anatomy, virtually all visible blue light passes through the cornea and lens, then reaches the retina. This makes it vital for all digital devices users to prevent their eyes against these harmful rays.

Test in renown laboratories, our Retina X Clear is guaranteed to block at least, if not more, 78% of non-beneficial blue lights, while allowing other beneficial wavelengths to naturally penetrate through for your maximum eye health benefit.

Luminous Transmittance Rate

The luminous transmittance is defined by the amount of light that crosses through optical elements used in ophthalmic optics. As a result, it helps elevate the level of vision clarity and eye comfort.

With the ultra high luminous transmittance rate of 90%, Retina X Amber lens is highly favorable for spectral visibility function for daylight and night vision.

Beneficial Blue Light Transmittance Rate

Not all blue lights are bad!

In most cases, you hear about blue light in a negative context. But blue light has some positive aspects, too. Our research and development department at Ophtus has studied this unpopular fact and seriously taken this issue into consideration.

Humans need lights at certain wavelengths to thrive. Our Retina X Amber lens selectively allows beneficial blue lights to pass through at as high as 68%

What users can benefit from the high blue light transmittance rate are, for example, memory and cognitive function enhancement and prevention from seasonal affective disorder.

Harmful Blue Light
Blocking Ability

Beneficial Blue Light
Transmittance Rate

Transmittance Rate