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KNN | kanninich

One of Thailand’s most popular Youtube Channel



One of Thailand’s leading gamer, the only Thai gamer who got invited to E3 2017, USA

Eyes and the ability to see are two of the most important things in our lives. It might seem fine / okay to use our eyes daily without any protection when you’re still young but trust me it will get worse as you grow older. My fellow gamers, let’s take care of our visions right here, right now.

I think blue light blocking glasses is an essential for every gamers out there.


Rit, CEO of Gadgeteer

Thailand’s leading IT website

What’s impressive about Ophtus glasses is that it only filters harmful blue light waves while letting beneficial blue light waves in. On the other hand, low quality glasses will block too much light which leads to eye strain.


Mr. Kittichai, MD of mxphone

Thailand’s leading gadget website

From my team’s perspective after wearing Ophtus glasses for about 3 – 4 weeks, we felt that Ophtus’s lens performed excellently in filtering harmful blue light from computer screen so we were able to increase screen brightness without feeling that it’s too bright.


zbing z.

Thailand’s most subscribed game caster

Ophtus really helps with eye fatigue, it is an essential for gamers and people who works in front of computer screen for a long time. It is also suitable for people who looks at mobile phone screen for a long time as well.


My Mate Nate

Thailand’s most well-known foreign Youtuber

When Lukmee (my wife) told me that she has eye strain when working, I decided to buy Ophtus glasses since it helps with reducing harmful blue light which relaxes the eyes and it looks cool lol . Actually Lukmee tried it before me and it worked, she loved it. What I like about Ophtus glasses is it’s durability, I can even sit on it and squeeze it.

ae siriprapa

Miss Siriprapha, Educator at Chulalongkorn University

One of Thailand’s leading university

Before wearing Ophtus glasses, I find information and research on various articles which had helped me found out that what Ophtus glasses offers is based on scientific proof not false claim. I can confidently say that Ophtus glasses is a high quality glasses made by a Thai company.


Toffie is IT support, Thailand’s leading IT

related influencer, news reporter and speaker

Before saying yes to trying Ophtus glasses, I did my research heavily because I don’t want to accept low quality product that I would end up throwing away. From what I’ve researched, Ophtus glasses is like my ideal gadget. “Simply designed but packed with excellent quality”

skizztv logo

James, Skizz TV

Thailand’s well-known game caster

My young audience might not understand the feeling of having eye pain but when you turn 20 years old or using computer in a low light condition for a long time, you will understand the importance of wearing blue light blocking glasses. Since eye pain is truly painful, wearing Ophtus glasses will help taking care of our eyes and relaxes them a lot more.

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