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UL-1234 / BLACK / เลนส์ Zaphire nano blue / ไม่มีค่าสายตา

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A prototype of the lightest and strongest material – Nova Ultem, Best known for its bendable, yet unbreakable property

lens type

Original RetinaX lens


Nova Ultem

weight (exclude lens)

10 grams


135-17-140 mm.

lens curvature index


headphone compatibility


Q & A

Q : What are the differences between other blue light blocking lens and RetinaX lens technology ?
A : Every Ophtus glasses models are made with RetinaX lenses technology which helps filtering blue light properly since these lenses have the ability to prevent harmful blue light wavelengths while leaving a gap for 455 nm wavelength which is considered a beneficial blue light that helps with clear vision therefore really reducing eye strain.

Q : How long will it take for a pair of prescripted blue light blocking glasses?
A : It will take 7 – 10 days. Only experienced experts are in charge of this process to give you the highest quality glasses and comforting experience.

Q : Is there any extra charges if I would like Ophtus to coordinate with eye centers near my place ?
A : NO! It is absolutely free of charge. We will gladly help you find a nearby eye center and provide information about any exclusive discount or any on-going promotional collaboration.

Q : Is there any extra charges when requesting DHL as a delivery service ?
A : NO! It is absolutely free of charge for all customers who already paid for the product. Plus, DHL express delivery service will call you before delivering a package at your place.
(*Cash on delivery is available with an extra charge of 100 Baht)